Walk to the Movies


Last night I walked to my local movie theatre. This was such a cool thing to do, coz when I moved to the house I live in seven years ago I said to everyone one of the cool things about the new house was how I would be able to walk to the movie theatre – and in all the years I’ve been living there I’ve never actually done that.

While I was on holiday in the States The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movie came out and all my regular movie going friends went to see it so I figured I would go by myself, something else I’ve never done before but I really didn’t want to miss this one, so when I discovered it was on at my local theatre I booked a ticket on line and walked there last night to see it. I felt a bit strange laughing at things to begin with but after a while I figured I laugh at things when I’m watching tv on my own, so how is this different. Anyway the movie was too funny not to laugh and I loved it.

One of the reasons I walked there is coz I’ve joined the biggest loser competition again, but this time it’s not to try and lose any weight it’s just to stop me putting on weight and so far it’s working really well, coz last night while at the movies I didn’t eat a bag of cashew nuts, I didn’t eat a chocolate dipped ice cream with nuts and I didn’t drink a large Coke – but I really wanted to. And this morning at weigh in I’m pleased to say I’ve lost weight – yay 🙂

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