Day 14, Wednesday 28 March – Universal Studios

Today I was booked on the Universal Studios tour, Pick up was organised for outside the Disney Hotel at 8:30, amazingly the bus pulled up exactly at 8:30. From there we got taken to the Grey Line bus depot to be sorted onto our allocated buses. That bus left about 5 minutes late and the driver was not very friendly, but I guess after spending a day at Disneyland I’ve been spoilt and customer service for me will never be the same again.

The driver gave a narration from the depot to Universal and was quite informative with plenty of movie trivia and took about 1.25 hours, traffic not so bad.

The queue to ride the World Famous Backlot Universal Studios Tram Tour was probably the longest I’ve ever seen, but it kept moving and after about 45 minutes I got on a tram and the tour took about an hour. It was totally awesome. It even included a new 360 3D experience King Kong attraction created by Peter Jackson which was so cool. Huge unexpected bonus was the homes from Desperate Housewives on Wisteria Lane.

From there I went on Revenge of the Mummy a very fast roller coaster in the dark. After that was an amazing trip through Jurassic Park which ended with a drop down an 84 foot waterfall. Amazingly both of these rides had very short queues.

Then I rode the awesome Simpsons virtual roller coaster very clever and only a 10 minute wait. That was followed by the Terminator 2: 3D – another very very clever ride with a big scary surprise ending. From there I went to the House of Horrors which I was a bit dubious about coz it wasn’t a ride, it was a walk through thing where live actors pop out and scare you – hated it and they got me good at the very end when the Texas Chainsaw dude came at me. This was followed by a far more relaxing 3D Shrek movie in 3D. My last attraction was the Special Effects Stage where they put on a show that demonstrated how some of the movies are made. That left me with just 30 minutes for shopping before catching the bus back to the Disneyland Hotel.

On the way back the driver pointed out more movie trivia places of interest but the coolest was probably the area where they raced the cars through the water and under a bridge in Grease.

While waiting for Barb to pick me up after her night class I spent time in the Downtown Disney shopping mall which of course was stunning and I even got to see the fabulous fireworks.







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