Day 10, Saturday 24 March

We set off at about 11:00 for a place featured in songs by Sheryl Crowe & Savage Garden: Santa Monica. Perfect weather for lunch on the beach before hanging out on the very famous pier. Perhaps if the Auckland City Council put an amusement park on the Devonport Wharf like they have on the Santa Monica Pier they wouldn’t have to close it. Definitely a very groovy place to be.

From there we drove along the freeway for a bit and got stuck on the freeway for a bit and I saw the Hollywood Sign. Then we travelled along Santa Monica Boulevard to Beverly Hills. We drove around some of the side streets to admire the gorgeous houses before heading to Rodeo Drive for a spot of window shopping.

Next we headed for Hollywood Boulevard so I could find the Celine Dion star and check out the footprints in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. We got to park in the Kodak Theatre which I believe is where they hold some of the awards shows and very quickly found Celine’s star right out front.





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