Thank You India


What a beautiful sunrise we had the other morning, simply stunning, this was followed by a beautiful day, clear, crisp and fresh.  With no clouds to hold in the warmth it was really cold in the evening and I started thinking about turning on the heater – but it feels like it was only a couple of weeks ago that I had the air con on cooling things down.  So I resisted the urge to turn on a heater and put warmer clothes on instead.

A really lovely thing happened on the way home the other night… our bus driver stopped the bus in rush hour traffic – got out of the bus, walked about 10 meters up the road amongst traffic, bent over and picked something up.  When he got back on the bus I saw it was a mobile phone.  He dusted it off and put it with the money.  Now most people would have either ignored the phone on the busy road or tried to run it over, but not our wonderful “Birkenhead Bus” drivers, they are different.  This morning’s bus driver was a lady in her 50s and she was so friendly, she actually said thank you and goodbye to every single passenger as they got on and off the bus.  When a big bunch of us all got off at the same stop she called out: “thank you guys”.

Today while browsing around my local $2.00 shop at lunch time I found a strip of button type batteries for $2.00, this shouldn’t be such a big shock as it is a $2 shop, but the strip contained 10 batteries and normally I pay more than $2 for just one of those batteries.  As soon as I got home I ripped into my 10 pack and used 6 of them in a couple of those way cool light up glasses which haven’t lit up for more than three years coz I never got round to splashing out enough money to buy the batteries to make them light up again.  I’m happy to report that just like the full price batteries – they work.

So why is today’s blog called Thank You India???  This morning I heard the song Thank U by Alanis Morissette and it’s been stuck in my head all day and I love the lyrics… Thank you India, thank you terror, thank you disillusionment, thank you frailty, thank you consequence, thank you, thank you silence.

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