On Yer Bike

In March I’m off to Hawkes Bay for a Vineyard Tour on a bike with some friends.  As I hadn’t ridden a bike for many years we thought it might be a good idea to have a practice first.  So today we got up early and headed off to Hobsonville for a leisurely practice.

It was so cool.  I loved it, felt just like a kid again whizzing all over the place just like I did when I was 12.  We enjoyed it so much we’re going to do it again next weekend.

Initially when we booked the wine tour thingy I was looking forward to getting away for a weekend, doing a bit of photography, doing something really different and trying all sorts of wines.  The bike riding part simply meant I didn’t have to worry about drinking and driving but would probably be a bit of fun (not too sure).  However after this morning I’m really looking forward to the bike riding part the most!

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