Vacant Lot (Q10)


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On the corner of Victoria and Elliott Street used to be a grand old hotel. I attended a conference there in 1986 and even enjoyed a few drinks in one of the hotel’s bars. I don’t know when it was pulled down to make way for … a car park! A big old ugly car park!

Every time I walk past here on my way to the chocolate shop I think how wasteful & sad this prime piece of land is.

Competition question number ten: What is the name of the hotel that used to be here?

4 thoughts on “Vacant Lot (Q10)

  1. The Royal International Hotel!!! That took quite a bit of Googling, I don’t remember it at all.

    Didn’t somebody want to build a skyscraper there once, but Sky City objected? So it remains a carpark and a scary bungy ride. Very sad. They should turn it into a nice park and gardens for people to sit in.

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