Fancy Roof Top (Q9)


Originally uploaded by beejayge

It was far too wet and awful to go for a walk today, so this pic is one I took on the 9th of April.

Competition question number nine: What is the old official name of the building this is the roof of, what is this building currently known as and have I ever worked here? This question is worth 3 points.

2 thoughts on “Fancy Roof Top (Q9)

  1. this is the DFS building on corner of Customs and Albert St. I think it is called the Customhouse. Wouldn’t have got that without all the hints though (thanks Fluffy!)

    hmmm.. i know you worked in a Duty Free shop but I thought it was at the airport, not in the city. but I may have that wrong. But I think I will assume that this is a trick question and say NO.
    Can I have 3 points anyway, because I try really hard?

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