The Biggest Drop

Today at weigh in I discovered I had lost a whole 1.5 kilos since last weigh in.  FANTASTIC!!!  That’s the biggest drop in weight (for me) since I joined the Biggest Loser  at work.

Since it is now too dark to go walking through the bush after work (plus cold & wet) I decided to buy a Mini Stepper.  It’s really hard work but well worth it.  The funny thing is, when you see adverts for these things they make incredible claims like a fun way to keep fit OR read a book while working out.  What a load of rubbish… it’s NOT fun and if I tried to read a book while using the stepper I’d fall off and hurt myself.  I MUST hang on to something, or maybe it’s just me and I have terrible balance.

But I have discovered the joys of working out with my iPod cranked up loud and playing extended dance mixes.  That definitely helps me to go faster and for longer.  BUT it’s still not fun!  However that’s probably because all my life I have lived by the workout motto: “No Pain… No Pain”.

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