Had lunch today with a friend at the Britomart.  There is a Subway lunch place so we ate there.  For the first time ever I ordered something from their famous 6grams of fat or less menu.  I had the chicken sub, with no dressing, it was hard ordering such a thing, but actually it tasted really good and pretty much the same as if I’d added dressing.

After work I went to the movies to see “Boy”.  An awesome New Zealand film.  Very Kiwi, set in the 80s in a very small rural town.  It even featured the Goodnight Kiwi on the telly, which brought back so many great memories.  It was really really funny but also very sad.  Could easily watch this movie again.  Oh and I got to enjoy the film in the comfort of the Gold Class lounge, for only $5.00 more than what it usually costs to go to a movie and sit in a normal chair.  Ahhhhhh, such luxury.

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