This one started it all.

When I was about 16 I belonged to an amateur drama group “New Independent Theatre” and the club rooms were in town, so after school I would catch the bus there twice a week.  On my way home from the club my bus would drive past this building (the one in the pic).  The lights would be on and it would be dark, so it looked very “international” and back then, early 80s it was probably one of the tallest buildings in New Zealand.  I wanted to work in there.  I didn’t really care what sort of job I did, so long as it was in a big tall building like that.

I guess that was one of the reasons I took the job at the ANZ bank, coz the interview was in their head office on Queen St and it was a big tall building.  Funny thing is… I didn’t end up working there, I got placed in a small branch on Customs St.

So in a way, now that I’m working on the 7th floor of a big tall building in the city, it’s like a dream come true…  It only took 28 years.

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