Camping is Fattening

Here’s the view from Queen St at lunch time today.  I HAD to go for a walk today in an attempt to try and lose some weight.  Camping with a group of lovely ladies who are amazing cooks and eat extremely well (even while camping) doesn’t do anything for the waste-line.  Add to that it was Easter and there was much sharing of chocolate in a wide variety of forms and plenty of beers and no exercise except for a leisurely stroll to the beach twice.

There’s no way I could be in the top 5 now!

So as soon as I got home I went for a big walk and it rained.  I didn’t care about the rain, but it did dawn on me while looking for shelter in the bush, Kauri trees are very skinny and provide no shelter at all.  The bush I walk in is called… The Kauri Glen…  I got a bit wet!

Click here to read a bit more about my bush walk.

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