My Reward

I succeeded in losing more weight this weigh in, so my reward was to eat the other Cherry Ripe chocolate bar I’ve been saving and a night off from walking.  However when I got home the weather was perfect for walking.  But I wanted to walk somewhere different this time.  So I headed off to the Bridgeway Theatre with the pedometer to see how big a walk that is and my stopwatch (I don’t really own a stopwatch but there is one in the iPhone; plus it can help me if I got lost: Google Maps & compass).

It only took me 21 minutes to get there and 2300 steps, so the round trip is actually further than the bush walk but not as tough.  But I’m thinking it would be so cool to walk to the theatre one day to see a movie.

Just down the bank from the theatre is Little Shoal Bay so I headed down there coz the Harbour Bridge looked stunning in the sunlight and it inspired me to take photos of the grand sight that lay before me, (glad I took my iPhone) all this felt far more rewarding than a chocolate bar.  But now I will deserve it even more.

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