Labour Weekend 2016

At last the long weekend is here, and this year I’ve added two days of annual leave, giving me a lovely long 5 day holiday, starting with Friday and ending on Tuesday.

To celebrate the big weekend I cracked open a bottle of my favourite wine, bought a book on tidying up which I intend to read and act upon this weekend and a very large box of Ferris Wheel Lego to build when I’m not drinking wine or reading my new book.

There will be quite a lot of Lego featuring in my long weekend, as it’s the Auckland Brick Show starting on Saturday which I’m really looking forward to.  Happy Labour Weekend everybody.


Update: Monday – Labour Day 24 October 2016.

What a fab weekend it’s been, I finished the Ferris Wheel, drunk all the wine, read most of the book (which I’m really enjoying) and went to the Auckland Brick Show with a friend to see all the amazing Lego.  I wasn’t going to buy any more Lego from the show, but I couldn’t resist a Wall-E and a motor for the Ferris Wheel – both on special for the show.

Here’s the finished product – I think it’s my new favourite, check out the two little videos:

Xmas Holidays 2015 Day Eight

Saturday 26 December 2015

Today was a very leisurely day where I got to do a whole lot of nothing.

So I started on some Lego that I was supposed to build before Xmas day to add to the existing Xmas themed set “Winter Cottage”.  This set is the toy shop and comes with an awesome Xmas tree and presents.


Check out my Lego blog for more.

While building Lego and listening to some music on my way cool new Bose bluetooth speaker (thank you Santa) I got to light a couple of the candles that a friend gave me.  The brand is called: The Cookery and they have all these fabulous scents like Raspberry & Lychee which are so delicious I just want to eat them.


Once it got too dark to build Lego I went for a walk up the road to check out the house on the corner.  Every year the owner does an awesome Xmas display, well worth the little walk.

Xmas Holidays 2015 Day One

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Dear loyal readers- all four of you, it’s that time of year again where I sit out in my courtyard sipping coffee wondering what to do next – I’m on holiday and this time it’s for a whole four weeks – yahoo!  I have no big plans, I’m not going away, nobody is coming from overseas and even Xmas day will be a nice quiet small affair with many of the usual family members going away and not here on Xmas Day.

Naturally this led to thoughts of my blog.  I always have such big plans for my blog but then I get busy and because I work with computers all day long, there are many times when I don’t even want to turn on my PC when I get home.  But with all this free time stretching out ahead of me, now feels like the perfect time to crank up the old blog and make a start.

So… what did I do today?  Apart from boring old housework I managed to finally upload the photos I took a couple of weeks ago of the Xmas lights on Franklin Rd, so the friend I went with could see them. Then I decided to get the camera out to see if it was charged up and then take a photo of the massive pile of Lego that I have purchased this year but haven’t got round to actually opening and building.

The reason I’ve ended up with so much Lego is that when a set is first released it is expensive and then the longer you take to buy it (from any of the Trade Me sellers) the more expensive it gets.  You’d think it would get cheaper but they know somebody will always buy it no matter what price they charge, so I have to buy it as soon as it comes out to save money which I realise doesn’t make sense, but it does in the long run.  Check out the little update on my Lego blog.

Then I spent a bit of time hanging up several strings of Xmas lights in the courtyard, after that was done I felt I deserved a beer.  Oh yes my holiday has well and truly begun, the sun umbrella is up, the beer is in hand and the Xmas music is playing. It’s a good life.  Now I can’t wait to see all my handiwork once it gets dark.


At last it got dark enough to see the lights.


Plus I made a wee video for you.