London Day Six – LEGOLAND

Friday 7 April

Today we went to Legoland, something I have wanted to tick off my bucket list for a very long time.  

It was a lot bigger than I imagined but very very cool.  Because the Lego Batman movie is the big thing at the moment there was loads of stuff connected to the movie and you could even get your photo taken with him.

There was a little roller coaster which looked like fun and even tho I had said I wouldn’t go on any rides made for kids, I really did feel like a big kid again and so it seemed the right thing to do.

My favourite part was Miniland.

Clever Lego creations everywhere and plenty of cool rides for kids and really beautiful gardens everywhere.


We even went on a log flume type ride that travelled through many different fairy tales.

And just when my poor tortured friends thought we could finally go home I found a roller coaster that we had to queue up for.  At least I hoped it would be a roller coaster, it wasn’t possible to see from outside the castle facade but there was a big queue so we joined it and hoped it would be worth it – it was.

Near the entrance to Legoland there was a whole gallery of busts of famous people.

Near the exit was a whole area dedicated to Star Wars which had many amazing creations from the various movies and a shop for me to buy Luke’s Landspeeder.

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