London Day Eighteen 

Wednesday 19 April

Today I went on a Thames River cruise all the way out to Greenwich and the Barrier which was about two hours long and packed with information on all the best bits along the riverside, but the highlight was definitely passing through the Barrier and being right up close.

The boat departed from Westminster and while waiting for it to head on up the river there were plenty of great photo opportunities to get some different shots of “Big Ben” and the Houses of Parliament.


This was definitely one of the best ways to see the many stunning buildings and travelling under all those famous bridges was so cool.

We travelled past Canary Wharf the new financial centre of London, which looked more like New York than London.

We went right up to the O2 and learnt that it is a lot more than just a concert venue and you can actually walk on the roof.

There was so much to see including fascinating new buildings, works of art and even a cable car that takes you over the river to the O2.

Eventually we went past the Thames Barrier, something I’ve wanted to photograph for many years.  We were very lucky with our timing because one of the barriers was actually up so we could see how it actually works.

After the Barrier I got off the boat for a look round Greenwich and something to eat.  There’s a famous old boat permanently docked there floating on an ocean of glass – the Cutty Sark – it used to transport tea – so I imagine it was a very important ship to all those tea drinking English people.

Apart from the ship there was also some stunning buildings which I enjoyed walking round and photographing.


Then it was back on the boat to return to Westminster and enjoy some more stunning sights.

From there I decided to pop in on the Queen to see if she was home.  This required a walk through St James’s park where there was loads of beautiful flowers, fascinating birds and cute squirrels.

Eventually I found The Mall which looked awesome with gigantic flags lining both sides of the road.

I didn’t get to see the Queen, she didn’t even pop out on to the famous balcony for a quick wave, I guess she didn’t see me amongst the hoards of tourists also hanging around outside her place – oh well never mind, I’ve seen her being driven up Manukau Rd back in Auckland.


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