Xmas Holidays 2015 Day Eight

Saturday 26 December 2015

Today was a very leisurely day where I got to do a whole lot of nothing.

So I started on some Lego that I was supposed to build before Xmas day to add to the existing Xmas themed set “Winter Cottage”.  This set is the toy shop and comes with an awesome Xmas tree and presents.


Check out my Lego blog for more.

While building Lego and listening to some music on my way cool new Bose bluetooth speaker (thank you Santa) I got to light a couple of the candles that a friend gave me.  The brand is called: The Cookery and they have all these fabulous scents like Raspberry & Lychee which are so delicious I just want to eat them.


Once it got too dark to build Lego I went for a walk up the road to check out the house on the corner.  Every year the owner does an awesome Xmas display, well worth the little walk.

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