Sydney Day Four

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Today was our last day in Sydney and we really only had a morning there before we needed to get out to the airport and fly home.

We gathered at a cafe near the hotel for breakfast, somewhere that had mushrooms as part of their breakfast menu.

After breakfast a couple of us headed off for some last minute shopping/sightseeing.  The last thing I needed to check off my to do list was visit the Apple Store, so we headed off down George St past some beautiful old buildings.

a47  a48

Strangely everything was closed and Sydney seemed like a ghost town at 9:00 on a Sunday morning!


At last we found the Apple Store after walking what seemed like a really long way, but it didn’t open till 10:00.  Sadly I worked out that if we waited for the store to open, had a very quick look round, NOT buy anything, walk back to the hotel, pack my suitcase and meet everybody in the hotel lobby at the arranged time, I would be really pushing it. So we gave up that idea, found the one coffee outlet that was open, found a nice place to sit and enjoy our coffee and headed back to the hotel.


The flight home was not as fun and exciting as the flight to Sydney, but at least there were no hold ups and things like check in and airport security was really easy at both ends.  Strangely however there was a sad lack of shops open at the Sydney airport.  Not sure if that was due to renovations, but most stores were empty and looked abandoned.

The view from the plane while we waited for take off was awesome – the city looked really close and hot!


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