Sydney Day Two

Friday, 13 February 2015 – My Birthday

Up early to check out the view from the roof top swimming pool before the champagne breakfast with my friends who had flown to Sydney to help me celebrate my 50th birthday in style.

a9  a8

After breakfast and many glasses of fabulous champagne we set off for the Harbour bridge so I could take photos of the Opera House. Along the way we walked past the Sydney Tower and many beautiful buildings and stopped at a Starbucks to give us the strength required for the big walk across the bridge.

a10  a11

a12  a13

As we approached the bridge even the weather god wanted to help us celebrate my birthday by presenting us with clear blue skies.  The view of the city and the Opera House was stunning and I just couldn’t get enough of photographing everything.

a15  a14

One of my friends and I even walked up hundreds of stairs to check out the view from the Pylon Lookout. Up the lookout was a movie, spectacular views and even a shop.

a17 a18


Next we walked around Circular Quay all the way to the Opera House itself so I could touch it.

a19  a20  a21

Once inside we headed to the shop where I found the Lego version of the Opera House. That was so cool coz it was the Opera House inside the Opera House.


Check out my Lego blog to see the one I built back in April:


After exploring the Opera House we had a pre-dinner cocktail in one of the harbour-side bars. I think the drink was called a Sydney Sling which seemed appropriate.


On the way back to the hotel we stopped at the incredible QV shopping mall where I found an amazing toy shop and bought an Air New Zealand jumbo jet model. I wanted to buy this particular model because Air NZ don’t fly Boeing 747s anymore.

a24  a28  a29  a25 a26 a27

The last part of my birthday was spent up the Sydney Tower in the revolving restaurant “Orbit”. The evening was fabulous, great company, great food and spectacular views. The staff even suprised us with a Happy Birthday plate decorated in chocolate words.

a31  a32  a30

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