Holiday Blog Day One

December 19 – Friday

My holiday has officially begun. I finished work today at 12:00 and went straight home.

This morning we had a team brunch at a new place called Miami near work. I wanted to go there coz I was drawn to the blue lights. Nice food and lovely service.


When I got home the weather was too good to sit inside and do LEGO (which was the plan), so I dragged the sun umbrella out and had a couple of beers.

IMG_2159 IMG_2160

This was an excellent choice as it inspired me to get busy in my little garden and finally put up the Xmas lights I bought ages ago but just never got round to putting up.

At one point it turned out to be a stupid idea, coz the lights got all tangled up and standing in the hot sun with no shade trying to untangle them was far too hard and I gave up and had another beer. After a well deserved beer and rest I managed to finish off the lights.

It’s now dark enough to sit outside have a beer and enjoy my handy work.


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