Melbourne Day 8, Saturday, our last day

Today we went to St Kilda, famous for cake shops, the promenade and Lunar Park.

Our first stop was a stroll along Acland St for a look at the amazing cake shops till we’d found the cake we liked the look of the most. I went for the biggest rum ball I’d ever seen.


Eventually we made it to Lunar Park where we had loads of fun.


The first ride I did went upside down and made me laugh so hard I pulled a muscle. This was a bit sore for a while, but the pain went away once I got onto the next ride.


After that we did the wooden roller coaster, which is the oldest continuously running wooden coaster in the world. This was also very funny so I bought one of those photos they take as you’re enjoying the ride, coz you can see the look of sheer panic on my face. When the ride was over, the man in the seat in front of me turned round and said the best part of the ride was my hilarious commentary. I’d call it noises rather than words, it was very bumpy and there wasn’t enough padding.

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