Holiday Blog Day 12, New Years Day

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Last night I stayed at a mate’s place after the party. I woke at a reasonable hour and after several coffees we decided to check out some garden centres and Mitre 10 so I could buy a table top fireplace.

Last year (a couple of weeks ago) I discovered the table top fireplace and thought what an awesome idea, I’d love one.  So I decided to wait till after Xmas to see if I got any Mitre 10 vouchers etc and then buy one.

I could hardly wait for it to get dark enough so I could light my brand new fire. The thing actually comes with 3 pages of warnings about what not to do, which almost made me too scared to light the frigging thing.  But after much convincing and despite all the warnings I went ahead and lit it. It is very groovy but I can see why it needs 3 pages of warnings, if there is any breeze at all, the fire turns into a bonfire and could easily burn down a house very quickly, not to mention ruin your dinner guests best outfits and cell phones if they were anywhere near the thing. It’s also far too hot for a fire at this time of year, so what was I thinking when I decided I wanted one!

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