Holiday Blog Day 10

Sunday, 30 December

Had lunch at Dad’s, took my camera to take some nice photos of the place for him, but every time I go there the weather is crap, so I’ll keep trying coz one day the weather will be good enough.

After lunch we went for a drive – he’d bought a new car so this was a cool surprise and an added bonus for my day.

Didn’t do much on Saturday, so no blog for day 9.

4 thoughts on “Holiday Blog Day 10

  1. I think my favourite car of your dad’s had to be the jaguar with the walnut panel interior. I can’t ever forget that one.
    I don’t know of this Toyota aurion.?

  2. Hey Tania, that was a beautiful car. He looked at buying another Jag, but the ones they make now are not so comfortable or beautiful to drive when compared with some of the Toyotas. Dad rented an Aurion in Australia, was hoping for something else but loved it.

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