Wanganui Day Three


It’s Wednesday in Wanganui so I’m half way through my week here and I’ve gotta say… I’m loving it here. The weather has been awesome and it’s such a pretty town.

After work today I managed to make it to the Durie Hill elevator before it closed (unlike yesterday when I missed out by 10 minutes). The best part was the tunnel you walk through to get to the elevator. The elevator cost $2 to ride one way and was over in less than one minute, the lady controlling the elevator had it all set up quite homely as it is her office and that’s her job all day long.


The view today was different from yesterday, I couldn’t see Mt Taranaki at all this time but Mt Ruapehu looked a lot bigger and closer.


After that I walked back to the hotel along the river bank. Just before I got to the very cool looking bridge to cross back to the other side I found the most amazing kids playground. It had a huge castle with stairs that you can climb up and pretend to be “the king of the castle”, a train station with a real train that goes through a tunnel, a pirate ship, dinosaurs, dragons, awesome swing things, slides, a flying fox that I really wanted to have a go on and the whole area was huge.







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