My Very Lucky Day

Today my guardian angel was looking after me big time! Three things happened today that could have easily turned out to be stressful but instead they turned out wonderfully.

The first thing that went wrong was when I went to get the car keys for the car I had booked for my work trip to Hamilton this morning, the keys were missing and so was the car. Turned out someone had taken the wrong car or had not returned the car I’d booked when they were supposed to. After a bit of researching the guys that look after the cars decided to give me their brand new very flash and powerful SUV and juggle the rest of the bookings for the week. It was very nice to drive and even had a USB port for my iPod and the volume and songs could be controlled from the steering wheel.

The next thing that went wrong was after I checked into the hotel after arriving in Hamilton I was running across the road to work and my cellphone slipped out of my pocket landing in a puddle outside the hotel and I didn’t notice. After being at work for about 10 minutes I went to make a call and realised I’d lost my phone. I looked through everything, phoned it, asked around but couldn’t find it. So I went back to the hotel retracing my steps but no luck. As a last resort I went to the hotel reception and asked if I’d left my phone on the reception counter and she said no but someone did hand one in a couple of minutes ago… They found it in a puddle outside. Amazingly a car never ran over it and it still works and doesn’t even have a scratch on it. How lucky is that!!!

The other thing that happened was a double booking of the room that I was supposed to be setting up for training. There was a grand finale baking competition underway in the room so as a way to make it ok with me they invited me to be a special guest judge. As you can see from the photo the quality of baking was fantastic and tasted great but to fairly judge all the entries, the 6 Judges and I had to try everything on offer while all the staff watched. Actually after I took the photo above, another 5 entries turned up, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much cake in all my life.

So a mixed up car booking got me the best car in the whole fleet, a dropped cellphone into a puddle on the road was handed into a place I could get it back from and it still worked, and a mixed up room booking turned into a cake eating extravaganza.

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