Wellington and the Canvas Prints




I went to Wellington this week for two days to teach a course down there for the last time. I have been going down there regularly every six weeks to teach that course, the Wellington trainer is back now so I don't need to do that anymore. I had mixed feelings about it, coz I love going down to Wellington to do it, but it's not an easy course to teach, but it went well, we had fun and it was great to get to do it one last time.

While I was there even though it was freezing cold I went out for a walk while I waited for my dinner. They told me the restaurant was really busy so I would have to wait about half an hour for my meal to be ready to be collected for room service. So I went for a walk to fill in time but I think it didn't take that long to make the meal, coz from the look of it, it was ready in about 15 minutes, oh well still tasted pretty good.

During the walk I took the photos you see above. The other photo is of the three canvas prints I ordered which arrived this week. It has taken me ages to work out which ones I wanted to print coz the special deal I got was for three prints, plus I wanted to have a theme of city buildings taken on my U.S.A. Holiday in March. Anyway I'm really happy with them as they all look like awesome oil paintings.

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