Day 4, Sunday 18 March

Today I went to a brand new shopping centre called: Fashion Show. Every hour there is a real fashion show right in the middle of the mall – the very cool thing about that is the runway actually comes up from the ground (out of nowhere basically) and the models appear in a huge box which also rises from the ground, it’s awesome. After the show is over the stage & runway disappear back into the ground. The couple of shows I managed to catch were both for Guess Jeans.

All the big department stores were there, I even bought something from Maceys. There was even something called an Oxygen Bar where people sit on bar stools and pay to breath oxygen.

From there I walked down the strip, got to see the Belagio fountains again had a great spot directly in front. Ended up at Planet Hollywood and the Miracle Mile shops. Rather fabulous too, got to see a thunderstorm happen right inside the mall and bought an iPhone/iPad charger that recharges in the sun.





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