Day Two, Friday 16 March

First stop this morning was at the AT&T store for a sim card for my phone so I could keep in touch with people over here. Got an awesome deal for only $2 I have unlimited calling anywhere in the US and unlimited texting to anywhere in the world for a whole day. It’s a pre-paid sim card so I only pay the $2 for the whole day if I use it. Awesome – no wonder American’s are always on the phone in the movies, it’s coz they can be!

Then Amy took me to a new shopping mall called Town Square where one of her favourite Italian restaurants is located, plus an Apple Store, plenty of other flash stores and the biggest Electronic store I have ever seen. We sat outside to have our lunch at the fabulous restaurant And I felt like I was in Beverly Hills, it was so flash and the waiters were so gorgeous & friendly and we chatted for hours and I just didn’t want to leave – but the excitement of visiting my first ever Apple Store drew us away from there and I went shopping.

The Apple Store was very busy and very noisy and I’ve never seen so many staff in a store that big, there were about 50 and the store wasn’t really all that big, five of them at least we’re standing outside taking orders or something, getting stuff sorted before you even entered the store.

Amy left me there so I could wander around the shops at my own pace and call her when I was ready to be collected, which wasn’t till about 8:30 pm later that night. That’s coz I found the most amazing electronics store EVER!!! It was like a gigantic Dick Smith store only a lot bigger, probably about as big as a Mitre 10 Mega store, or The Warehouse, but it only sold electrical stuff like computers, TVs, gadgets, every accessory you could imagine. It was super cool and I felt like I had died and gone to Electronic Store heaven.

The prices were amazing too, so I bought a new little camera that is proving to be absolutely incredible. It makes fantastic panorama shots super easily, plays them back almost like watching a movie, records video in HD, zooms in 18 times (optical zoom, not digital) and it can even email, or upload the photos using WiFi.

While there I found a place to get coffee, but getting a simple coffee turned out to be hilariously difficult. I couldn’t see a wall menu so I said to the guy: “Can I just get a coffee, thank you.” in about 5 seconds a coffee in a takeaway cup turned up, I walked over to a table to sit down and drink it. Then I realised I need sugar, so I had to go back and ask for that, then I realised I need a stirrer or spoon (which he couldn’t understand) and then when I took the lid off I had to go back to the poor guy AGAIN to say: “excuse me I would really like some milk in here but it’s full to the top”. Apparently you are supposed to say when you order your coffee: “coffee with room for cream please”.



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