The Houses Project


Yesterday I set out to take photos of the two houses I somehow completely forgot about when photographing for my next project. I still can’t believe I forgot all about them but that might hopefully explain to you why I haven’t managed to start the “Houses Project” like I said I would back in January.

To be honest I also kinda changed my mind thinking nobody would really be interested in it anyway, but a couple of people have said they’ve been looking forward to it so here goes.

Today’s photo is the only photo I managed to get of the first place I tried to photograph because I couldn’t find the house, so this is the view from the end of the road. Dad can’t remember the house number and I only lived there for a really short time when I was 4 so I didn’t know where it was either. I drove up and down the street looking but couldn’t see anything remotely familiar so maybe it’s gone. Plus I’m sure it’s not a good look to be driving slowly looking like I’m staking out the place for a burglary while in Remuera! There were massive Neighborhood Watch signs everywhere.

To start reading the houses project page click here: Houses Project OR you can click the Pages link on the right under the previous entries selection box.

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