Summer Flowers

Summer Flowers

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At last the rain and wind has stopped and just in time for a visit to a friend’s place for lunch who lives out in the country. Well Paremoremo actually which is only about 20 minutes drive from where I live but compared to here it really is like the country.

There were sheep and cows and horses and dogs. Plus they even have wild rabbits just sitting there in the back yard. I saw one and got all excited – my friend said: “oh yeah I know terrible nuisance, they’re everywhere”. However I felt like I had arrived at Watership Down – it was so cool.

Before lunch we went for a big walk out to a place where people can ride horses or bikes on special purpose built tracks and the council have planted all these pohutukawa trees everywhere, even though they were quite young trees they were still old enough to produce the most stunningly red flowers for Xmas.

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