It’s Raining

It’s Raining

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It’s the day before New Year’s Eve and it won’t stop raining. I’m half way through my end of year holidays and the weather has been so depressing, usually at this time of year the weather is great; sunny and hot – up till yesterday it was so windy I couldn’t even open the windows or my Xmas trees would blow over.

Yesterday I was craving some fresh air so I devised a clever system of clamping an upstairs window open just slightly to allow air into the room but not enough to blow everything around.  My clever system consisted of a big plastic clamp and a velcro strip attaching the window handle to the clamp.  I have used this clamp thingy for about a year now very successfully.  BUT the wind yesterday was so strong I heard several big bangs while reading a book and it took me a while to realise it was my window that made that banging noise and realised the clamp must not have worked allowing the window to slam shut.  So I ran upstairs to see the damage and sure enough the window was closed – the velcro strap was still there but the clamp was nowhere to be found.  I went outside and looked around but I couldn’t see it – it’s gone!  I hope it didn’t fly down and hit somebody or something – being hit by a largish plastic clamp thrown at you from 3 floors up would really hurt, but where is it?

One thought on “It’s Raining

  1. A beautiful shot of the leaves. I’m sorry to hear that the weather is not very good at the moment Bryan. Sending you massive pillow hugs TP xoxo

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