Too Many Lights



I have put my Xmas tree up. This is the first year the tree won’t rotate, last year the turning motor started to give up and made weird noises and at times the tree would not be moving and this worried me. So I asked Dad if he could disconnect the turning motor and just leave the fibre optic motor connected, he did just that after I took the tree down last year, so I was a little weary how it would be this year.

One good thing about the tree not rotating is that I can at last put real lights in the tree, which I have wanted to do for a long time (I’ve had the tree about 10 years), but with it turning that was not possible, which means in the day time there wasn’t much light in the tree, the fibre optic looks best when it’s dark.

So with all that in mind I set off a couple of weeks ago to buy lights for the tree. BUT I had no idea how many to buy, 100 didn’t seem enough, plus I really wanted a set of blue lights, so I ended up buying 500 lights, 250 coloured lights and 250 blue lights.

After getting the tree up and discovering the fibre optic lights still work wonderfully I started to add the new lights. After putting the first set on the tree I had a mild panic attack thinking 500 lights might actually be too many. Not sure what to do I just kept going, coz I started with the coloured set and it took so long to put them on I didn’t want to take them off, plus I didn’t want just blue lights either.

Of course I do have a choice I can just have the blue lights, or just the coloured lights, or just the fibre optics, but actually with all the lights on it looks fabulous and with the room lights off the fibre optics show up too and the tree looks awesome – way better than I ever imagined it could be.

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