My Old Supermarket


On my way home from shopping this morning I decided to visit my old supermarket. The supermarket above (like so many others) used to be a Foodtown and it’s the one my Mum and all my friends’ Mums used to shop at when we were growing up.

After living away from New Zealand and returning home it’s also the supermarket I would use to do the weekly shopping back in the 90s. So going back there today I thought would be a fun thing to do – I was wrong!!!

I just couldn’t find anything, it had really narrow aisles and it was full of retired people who take up the whole aisle while taking ages to decide on a product. It seemed dark and cluttered. As for the service I received at the checkout – it was awful plus she over charged me for my pick and mix. Trying to drive out of the car park was also a major mission so I will not be going back.

As I was driving home I had a nice thought – I wonder how many people living in Auckland can do their weekly supermarket shopping in the same place they used to shop at over 30 years ago. Especially people living on the North Shore, most Aucklanders don’t actually come from Auckland, or if they do then they usually don’t live in the same part of Auckland. Plus with so much change over the years it’s amazing if the same shop is still in the same place. Then it struck me as – maybe that’s sad that I’m still here, but then I thought no – it’s cool, I’ve moved many times, I’m just drawn to the Shore and will probably always return here no matter where my life leads me.

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