Coffee in a Mug


Today I headed into the main street of Hamilton to look for somewhere simple to have lunch – something like a sandwich or a salad etc. But this was much harder than I imagined. I walked into about four different places all with really flash food and nothing basic or simple. Finally I gave up as I couldn’t be late back to work so in desperation I went into the next one determined to get whatever was available. The really lovely waitress said in a welcoming voice please take a seat and I’ll be over in a second to take your order.

So I sat down, checked out the menu found something simple (a bacon bagel) and ordered a Mocachino as well. Shortly my coffee arrived BUT in a glass – this is NOT good. I have a really low pain threshold, much lower than the average human being and just can’t pick up a hot glass of coffee no matter how badly I want to. Why does coffee have to be served in a glass anyway???

I tried drinking it by not holding it and felt silly knowing people were watching but I didn’t care I was trying to make a point. When the waitress returned with my lunch order I asked if I could please have my coffee in a cup, as it was a bit hot for me to hold. She was very lovely about this and said no problem, would it be alright if I just tip this one into a cup for you – I said sure (thinking about getting back to work soon).

In less than a minute she returned with exactly what I asked for – my coffee in a cup. BUT it was a TEA CUP!!! A cup with a handle soooooo tiny I couldn’t even get my little finger to fit through the hole (see photo above). The teacup was so small all of my coffee did not fit and spilled over into the saucer, she apologised for the mess and said she’d have to remember the size issue for next time!

Actually the whole lunch time thing was so random I had to laugh.
But my point is… surely; if they are going to serve coffee in a glass shouldn’t they ask if you would prefer it in a glass or a cup – this is New Zealand after all. I really don’t want to start placing an order for coffee like this: “Could I please have a coffee in a cup… thank you!

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