Heroic Gardens

Heroic Gardens

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On the 6th of March – about two weeks ago – I went to the Heroic Gardens Festival. As always it was a wonderful day out and even though I went to many of the same gardens it didn’t matter, because there’s always something different. It’s also nice to see how things have grown or changed.

This morning I had two lady friends come to my place for brunch. Now as you may know I don’t cook so the thought of trying to cook breakfast for three people was overwhelming. However it all went really well, everyone liked the food and one of the ladies even said: “Well how am I going to top that when it’s my turn”. Yay!!!

You may also know I can’t multi-task and trying to cook and listen to the conversation was just too hard so I switched off my listening skills and concentrated on the food. This however turned into hysterical laughter as I miss-heard a fairly commonly used phrase and had to ask my friend to repeat what she just said. She is a very lovely lady with much class who certainly doesn’t have a “potty mouth”. So imagine how shocked I was when I thought I heard her say: “Well Barb, what can you do, you have to laugh or you’ll FART”.


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