Xmas Lights

Last night I went round to a friend’s place to see all her Xmas lights and decorations, plus meet her new puppy.  She recommended I drive to a street nearby to see what they’ve done and I’m so glad I did, it was magnificent, in many cases it was better than some of the houses on Franklin Road.

On my way home from there I noticed something called the Christmas Drive Through on East Coast Rd, it was some Church thingy re-enactment of the true story of Christmas with heaps of lights and people all dressed up authentically like Joseph and Mary and shepherds etc.  I loved it, but I felt a bit silly on my own.  It would have been better with someone else driving coz I was so busy looking at everything I often forgot about the car in front and I nearly ran over an angel while she tried to cross the street in front of me.

After that I headed over the bridge to see the Telecom Xmas tree BUT that was an ordeal.  The traffic on Ponsonby Road just to get to the tree was a nightmare as every Auckland Business still running appeared to be celebrating Xmas on Ponsonby Road while I was there.  It was Wednesday night but I’ve never seen Ponsonby Road so packed – every cafe, bar, restaurant had people spilling out onto the street.  There were people everywhere including a vast number of stupid drunk people crossing the road whenever and wherever they felt like it.  Didn’t see much of the tree after all that, coz it was such a traffic mess with road rage all around me that I had to grip the wheel very tightly and concentrate on the road and cars and get away from the madness as quickly as possible, no time for looking at trees let alone stopping.

I wonder how long the tree will be there, maybe I could go back later.



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