Auckland’s Big Little City

Auckland’s Big Little City

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Although I’m not a fan of the “Auckland’s Big Little City” concept, I did like the TV advert and to see the iconic gate in the Aotea Square today at lunch time was very cool.

I went back to the photographic exhibition I mentioned on Sunday the 21st. It’s called: “Earth From Above” and it’s amazing. Very haunting and moving at times, I’m so glad I got to see it.

While I was there I noticed the amazing new roof next to the Aotea Centre.

Very Cool

I love the huge Xmas decorations they have at the square too… very cool.

The Biggest Decoration I've Ever Seen

I got my first Xmas card today in the post, very exciting!  It was from my supermarket LOL, but it did have a $5 gift voucher in it so that was nice.


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