The Final Question (Q20)


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At last I found something to use in my blog, worthy of the very last question in my quiz.

I’m standing on the corner of Fort & Customs St looking at the place I used to work at back in 1982, it was my first job straight out of school. Back in 1982 the building looked nothing like this and it wasn’t a souvenir shop. I don’t know when they remodelled it to look like a stack of sardine tins!

Competition question number twenty: What is the name of the company I first worked for?

As one door closes another opens, or so they say. So as I close the door on my fun little quiz, I open a big shiny flash door and what’s behind this door? In case you haven’t guessed yet… I’m retracing my work history, which means I get to revisit all my old jobs, well not actually the jobs but the buildings I worked in. I have already started to create a PowerPoint presentation for anyone interested to look at. Mainly this will be a cool trip for me, down memory lane as I remember the people I used to work with and the jobs I used to do.


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