Derelict (Q4)


Originally uploaded by beejayge

Believe it or not this awful sight is in downtown Auckland. I’m sure it’s the only building like it in the city, but every time I see it, I can’t quite believe it’s still there.

The lower floors are actually being used as a car park you pay money to park in. They couldn’t pay ME to park my car in there, I get scared just looking at it.  Another shot here: Click Me!

Competition question number four: What two streets is this building on the corner of?

3 thoughts on “Derelict (Q4)

  1. This is on the corner of Federal St and Wolfe St. This is not because I copied Mikey’s answer, but it is because I am expert Google girl. I really hope I win the competition. I’ve never won anything before, except for 2 frozen chickens in a raffle when I was 11. How sad is that? Not that I want to play the sympathy card or anything 🙂

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