The other day I opened an email a friend sent me which had a video clip attached to it. The video was of a boy (Declan Galbraith) who apparently wrote the song (Tell me Why) and it became a huge hit. I didn’t really believe he wrote the song but the words were beautiful and his singing was amazing.

The video was kinda old and I wondered if he’d ever gone on and done anything else, so I googled him and discovered all sorts of stuff about him. He did go on and release several albums and his songs are apparently used in China as part of the English language curriculum.   Declan didn’t write the song, it was actually written by Ian Mack, Stuart Mack & Barry Mason specially for him to perform, they are quite famous for writing loads of songs for people like Barbara Striesand, Tom Jones, Rod Stewart, Englebert Humperdink and even Elvis Presley.

After watching a couple more of his videos on YouTube I decided to look in iTunes to see if there was anything in there of his worth buying. Luckily there is and so far I’ve bought one music video and three songs.

Click here to see what I’m raving about: YouTube

If you have the time, also watch the video of  “An Angel”, I really love the lyrics:  Sometimes I wish I were an angel … Sometimes I wish I were you.

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