Not going here again

This food court had a grand opening about a year ago.  I went there for lunch when it first opened because they were handing out discount vouchers.  It was busy, vibrant, the food was great but really expensive.  I thought at that time, this won’t last… you can’t charge that much money for a plate of food at a food hall.

Sadly it didn’t take too long  for my forecast to come true.  Two of the ladies I work with and I visited there on our way back to work the other day and many of the food outlets had gone, only a few remain, there wasn’t much choice.  Two of us ordered Indian food and took it back to work.  Within 2 hours I was not well, later that night the other person who ordered Indian food became ill too.  She was far more sick than I was, but she did eat more than I did, so that may have something to do with it, or it could be that I normally eat a lot more crap than she does.

The next day she was still sick and complained to the city council.  They gave her a number to call and shortly after, they called me.  The “officials” have made it so hard to complain about unsafe eating places that in the end I said forget it, I don’t want to take this any further, it was like the Spanish Inquisition, asking for a complete list of absolutely everything I ever ate dating back to last century; well not quite but it sure felt like it.  Why couldn’t they just send someone round to do a random health inspection?   BUT no they can’t do that unless it’s an official complaint and they have evidence.

Oh well, I won’t be going there again.

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