Day 61

Day 61

Originally uploaded by beejayge

My First Day. Today is my first day at my job in the city. (Well really it’s my second first day, last week I was in Wellington.) Today I got to meet the people I am working with, found out where I would be sitting, what sort of a view I have (it’s fabulous). I also got to go for a drive out to Albany and Henderson.

Also it was my first day of trying to catch a bus to work (well from where I live now at least) and it was so easy. I walked 5 minutes to the bus stop, the bus turned up after only 5 minutes of waiting, I got a seat and it zoomed into the city in about 15 minutes. This meant I was 45 minutes early for work, loads of time for a coffee. Catching the bus home was even easier, 2 minutes walk from work to the bus stop, the bus was waiting for me when I got to the bus stop, I got a seat no problem and it only took 20 minutes to get home WOW.

Today’s photo is of the stunning sunrise that greeted me when I woke up this morning.

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