Day 56

Day 56

Originally uploaded by beejayge

Wellington is such a cool city.     There are so many fantastic old buildings in Wellington and so much history everywhere I look, its awesome. When I compare this city to Auckland it’s like the Mayor of Auckland said let’s get rid of all the historical old buildings in the city and build loads of new stuff. Then 20 years later all that new stuff is just old and ugly. While at the other end of the North Island, the Mayor of Wellington said we don’t want to be trendy and cool, our really old buildings must be saved and restored. So 20 years later in Wellington they have a city to really be proud of.

Don’t worry I still love Auckland, it’s just that right now I’m truly enjoying and appreciating my time in Wellington. Today’s photo is of a street (Hill Street I think) next to the parliament buildings where the late afternoon sunshine made this bunch of moths appear to glow.

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