Day 34

Day 34

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Mitre 10 Mega.  On the weekend I went to Mitre 10 Mega to buy a couple of things. Yesterday morning I pulled the receipt out of my wallet to put it with the other receipts and while I was doing this I checked it, coz it seemed to be far too much for the couple of the things I had bought. That’s when I discovered I had been double charged for two items. Either the check out operator swiped the items twice mistakenly or the machine read it twice. Either way it’s appalling and from now on I will be checking these things more carefully before leaving any store.

I went all the way to Mitre 10 yesterday after work before going out for dinner, explained my problem and when I went to show the guy my receipt I couldn’t find it (I’d left it at work). I was really embarrassed, but went back today anyway.

The manager is going to play the video (later) of that transaction to see if it’s true. I hope the video can show this happening, as I really don’t have any proof that I did not buy two hose joiners and two bottles of ant bait sand. Just how many ants and hoses could one person have?

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