Day 14

Day 14

Originally uploaded by beejayge

Memory Lane. One of the great things about living on the North Shore is you are never far from a beach. Growing up on the Shore meant you kinda took that for granted. Today is the last day of my holidays so I’ve had time to sort out which of the photos of my trip up north to print and head out to Harvey Norman to get them printed.

After that I thought where shall I go to take today’s photo. Harvey Norman is not far from where I grew up, so I thought, why not go to Campbell’s Bay for old time’s sake and see if the old beach has changed much. I went for a walk along the beach for a good look and a stroll down memory lane. Wow I didn’t recognize any of the houses there; they are all multi million dollar homes, not the little old batches that used to be there. Very flash.

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