London Day NineteenĀ 

Thursday 20 April

A nice lovely relaxing day today.  Usually when we go in to the city we catch the train to Waterloo and then we catch the Waterloo to Reading home and get off at Egham, but today I got to go the other way and find out what Reading was actually like – it was lovely.

First thing on our list of things to do in Reading was lunch.  Because we don’t have sit down Pizza Hut restaurants in Auckland anymore it was a real treat to go to one here.  They even serve alcohol!!!

After lunch we went to the big mall so I could see if there was anything in the Apple Store that I didn’t know existed but simply couldn’t live without.  There wasn’t!

I found a really cool retro Casio watch with the world time built in to it in a department store called John Lewis.  I need this watch for the long journey home because my Apple Watch has a minor downfall – you can’t manually change the time on it, it needs the iPhone to know the time and because I didn’t turn on data in Dubai as I had no idea of the cost, my watch permanently told the wrong time all the way to London.  It comes complete with a massive instruction booklet so that’ll keep me busy for some of the mega long 30 hour journey home.

After that we strolled around Reading for a bit and headed home.


London Day Fifteen

Sunday 16 April

Today being Easter Sunday most things were closed but the movies were open so that was today’s plan.

Back in the late 90s there was a funny TV character called Ali G and he was the leader of a gang called Da West Staines Massif, and I have always believed that Sacha Baron Cohen made up the town of Staines, but it’s actually a really lovely place and just happens to be the town next to Egham where I’m staying and that’s where the movie theatre is.  So I finally got to go to Staines.

Apparently Staines was famous for Linoleum before Ali G came along so there’s this big statue in the middle of the town dedicated to Lino.

One of the coolest things in Staines was the Pizza Hut restaurant.  There are no Pizza Hut’s left in Auckland where I’m from that you can go in and sit down to enjoy your Pizza, they are all just pick up or delivery despatch counters.

The movie we went to was Beauty and the Beast – loved it.

And following on from last night’s viewing of Sabrina, an Audrey Hepburn movie featuring Paris, we watched another Audrey Hepburn classic tonight: Roman Holiday.