Weekend in Cambridge

Last weekend I got to stay with friends in their very lovely home in Cambridge.  While I was there I was on a mission to take photos of spring for a photo competition I’m running at work.  So our first little venture out was to a park where there would be plenty of cherry blossoms and hopefully some cute little fluffy ducks.

On the drive back from the park we stopped by the side of the road for some shots of some glorious trees in full blossom.

We had a really lovely walk around the park and I even learnt some history.

For dinner we went to an amazing restaurant called Alpha St.  The food was amazing and I had the most fabulous desert ever.  You pour this hot berry sauce over a stunning ball of white chocolate to reveal the dark chocolate mouse inside.  Not only was it fun but it was very delicious.

The next day we drove to the Hamilton Zoo where we got to see some very pretty birds.

Meerkats, pigs and giraffes.

Tigers, ducks and a turtle.

A family of monkeys with a really cute baby.

But my favourite was the rhinos because it was their feeding time and we got to see them up real close.

After the zoo we headed back to Cambridge for lunch and then I drove home amongst all the school holiday traffic also heading home.

London Day SevenĀ 

Saturday 8 April

Today we went to Kew Gardens and so did 1,000s of other people.  The weather here has been great all week and today sure was a hot one which seemed to get all the Brits and all the tourists out of their homes & hotels and into a park to soak up the sun.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the queue to get in the gate was down the road way past the bus stop.  And that was just the queue to get in to the queue once inside the gate – but it was well worth the wait.  It was beautiful especially with all the cherry blossom trees in full bloom and daffodils and tulips.