I’ve only just realised something!

The castle that proudly sits at the centre of Disneyland in California is NOT the same as the one that is in Walt Disney World in Florida or Tokyo Disneyland. It’s also not the same one as Lego used to create their model that I built at Xmas time.

The original castle in Disneyland California is known as the Sleeping Beauty Castle, here is a photo I took of it when I went there in 2012.

When Walt Disney World was built they used the Cinderella Castle which is much taller and more spectacular and it is this castle which features in the Disney Logo and at the start of the Disney movies. When Tokyo Disneyland was built they copied the more spectacular Cinderella Castle as its centrepiece. Here’s a photo I took of it way back in 1985.

The Lego Disney Castle I built this Xmas is the Cinderella Castle.


Apparently Walt Disney was inspired by the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany while on holiday there before construction began of Disneyland and based the Sleeping Beauty Castle on it, it is also rumoured that the German castle was his inspiration for the Cinderella movie castle. They both have turrets with blue tops but to me the Sleeping Beauty castle has a closer resemblance to the German one.

There is also an urban myth that Disney have to pay Germany (or the owner of the castle) royalties – but I think it’s just that… an urban myth.


London Day Nine

Monday 10 April

This morning I woke up in Oxted – my new home for the next week.  So after a quick coffee we walked in to the village for breakfast.  Oxted is such a pretty little village, just like what you see on TV as a traditional English village, I was expecting the Vicar of Dibly to pop out of the post office at any moment.

After a big walk round the whole village we went home and I had a chance to sit out in the back yard and enjoy some more sun.

Next we drove across the border in to Kent to visit Hever Castle – Anne Boleyn used to live there.  Fabulous gardens and magnificent castle/home – well worth a visit.

I even got to have my photo taken with Anne Boleyn.

On the way home we had to stop for a stunning view of a field covered in yellow flowers.